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Philips Easykey Mortise

Nowadays, it is popular that smart door locks are used in daily life. However, many people don’t know which part of the smart door lock is crucial. The mortise is the heart of the smart door lock, the safety performance, convenience and using lifespan are affected by it, so how can we select a satisfied smart door lock?

Mechanical mortise vs Electronic mortise

Mechanical mortise is the one of the door lock products that most people must use before the advent of electronic mortise. The former relies on unlocking by manual, while the latter is driven by a built-in motor. Smart door lock eliminates the need for a key and add automation features, such as remote locking and unlocking. These electronic door locks can be controlled and monitored through a smartphone. Philips Easykey mortise adopts electronic mortise,

Full-automatic mortise, automatic mortise, and semi-automatic mortise

The full-automatic lock can be unlocked immediately after successful verification. Once recognized, you can directly push and pull the handle to open the door, which greatly simplifies the use of your door lock and brings you a fast and convenient entry and exit experience. Without the need for any extra action, the deadbolt will spontaneously pop out after you close the door. If the door is not locked fitly, it will trigger an alert to remind you of the door lock status.

Automatic mortise means that the main latch bolt can retract automatically, and the oblique latch bolt needs to be unlocked by pushing and pulling the handle when the verification is successful.

Semi-automatic mortise means that the smart door lock needs to be unlocked or locked through the door handle after the verification is successful.

Materials of mortise

The front and back covers of the Philips EasyKey mortise are made of stainless steel. As with most applications, stainless steel is the number one choice for manufacturing locks due to its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Its surface is treated with galvanized spray paint, which has better corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance.

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