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Waterson Self-closing Aluminum Mortise hinge (2 pcs in a set)

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Product Details

Waterson Self-Closing Aluminum hinges (2 hinges/door) are ideal for concealed, interior and half doors of all kinds, as well as providing a suitable closing force for wood and lightweight metal doors under 75 kg (160 lbs). They are very easy to install, adjust and maintain. Made from extrusion aluminum, this hinge looks great in any indoor environment and is a great cost-saving solution.

  • Non-Fire Rated
  • Soft Close Spring Hinge
  • Residential Applications
  • Good to the Eye
  • Easy Installation
  • UL Certified Mechanical Structure
  • Overcome Air Pressure Problem in Confined Space
  • Replacement for the Traditional Door Closer
  • Model Size
    Door Thickness Finish
    4*4” (H*W)
    4*4” 40~45 mm US28-628-
    Anodized ClearUS19-617-
    Flat Black Coated
    4.5*4.5” (H*W)
    4.5*4.5” 45~50 mm US28-628-
    Anodized ClearUS19-617-
    Flat Black Coated

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